How can I start playing?

It´s very easy to start playing Gamecities, all you need is a mobile or Tablet with GPS, download the app and register. Every adventure is different, so you will receive indications depending on the activity you want to take part in. Some will require you to be present at the “starting place”, others can be done at a distance and others in groups, some by foot and others on a bicycle, some require strong mental work and others to only want to have fun. We will inform you in each case.


What adventures are there in Gamecities?

We have a wide variety of Gamified activities, some are as easy as answering simple questions or geolocate, and others are more complex adventures, with augmented reality, interacting with actors, etc. We are present in festivals, concerts, towns, universities… Gamified territories are growing each day.

What are points and how do you use them?

Points are obtained when you are taking part in an adventure, you normally win more points if you don’t require clues, other times they will depend on the activity length, and other times you may obtain points just by using your QR code.

The more points you gain the higher level your avatar will be, and you will be able to compare your ranking with other players both globally and local. As you grow your level you will be able to win direct prizes, Citycoins or other advantages. Points do not expire so they will last for ever.

What are Citycoins and how can I use them?

Citycoins are the games´ virtual coins. The activity sponsors give away money prizes, in the form of Citycoins, that can be used to exchange for shopping or direct items in their establishments. The better you carry out or perform your adventures, the more Citycoins you will gain. To fail in the answers or ask for clues will deduct points and Citycoins, even though every adventure is different. Normally the equivalent value of 100 Citycoins is 1€, and you can spend what you want in the shops. Sometimes the sponsors will increase that amount and may even give additional prizes.

How do I redeem my Citycoins?

You only have to chooses the shop where you want to spend them, decide how many you want to spend and click on the corresponding button in the app. A one-time QR code will be generated, which will be approved by the shop and that’s it. You don’t have to do anything else.

Which are the associated stores?

The list of member stores is growing each day, you will normally find associated stores nearby an adventure, but the list doesn’t stop growing, that is why we recommend you consult the list of stores regularly.

Can I accumulate Citycoins?

Yes, you can accumulate them in your Citycoins wallet, don´t worry, you have a year (starting from the day they were won) to spend them. Plus, there is no maximum amount you can Exchange, this means that you can spend for example 5000 CC. (the equivalent of 50€) in one consumption or purchase.

Can adventures Citycoins run out?

Yes, each experience gives a maximum amount of Citycoins, so we do not know when they will run out in each case. It can also happen that an adventure that has run out of Citycoins will have them again, if it refills (this is something that happens frequently) so you can always be on alert to get informed about new adventures with prizes. In any case if an adventure doesn’t offer Citycoins, they will always give you points so you can reach higher levels, which also translates in Citycoins and prizes as you raise your level. 

The adventure seems too difficult

Don´t worry, all the adventure tasks have different clues, some of them give you the answer straight away. Also, a lot of the adventures are for families with kids and will have their levels adjusted. Search for the one that suits you more.

How can I stay informed of all the adventures that are starting?

Join our social media network and newsletter and we will keep you up to date each time a new adventure is available. Some will be near you and others will be far, it doesn’t matter, plan an excursion with your friends and that way you will get to know other territories.

Can I repeat an adventure?

Yes, you can repeat an adventure as many times as you want, the adventure will restart so that you can do it all over from the start, but you will not get any points, Citycoins or prizes as you will the first time. The good thing is you won´t lose any points that you already had.

Can I leave an adventure half way?

Yes, you can start an adventure and end it whenever you want. But there are exceptions, if you have an adventure where the time does count, in order to gain points, maybe when you go back to that adventure, you won´t be able to win these points, as the time will keep on counting. There are also adventures that you have to accomplish in a certain amount of time, regardless of the points, Citycoins or prizes. If you leave the adventure and go back again, the adventure might have expired and you won´t be able to finish it.

Can I unsubscribe?

Por supuesto, es muy fácil, envíanos un email a desde el email que pusiste cuando te registraste. En el asunto pon: “BORRAR USUARIO” e indícanos tu nick. En 48h borarremos todos tus datos, puntos y Citycoins acumulados de nuestra base de datos.

How do I raise my character level?

You can raise your character level accumulating points, we are still working on our Gamecities levels, but very soon, in each level gained you will receive prizes, like Citycoins, discounts, tech prizes, travel prizes and much more. Keep on earning points and you can win them all.

¿Alguna problema con la APP?

Cuéntanos si has tenido algún problema, si algo funciona de manera incorrecta o simplemente tienes alguna duda sobre su funcionamiento.

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