Gamecities is a project created by territory entities (councils, town halls, municipal associations, ect.). local traders’ associations, entrepreneurs and NGOs and its objective is the cultural, social and economic revitalisation of areas and territories through gamification. With Gamecities we are creating the first international red of Gamified territories.


Gamified territory

A gamified territory is any previously prepared space, where you can enjoy fun outdoor games. You only need a mobile that you can use while you take a walk, visit monuments, have a coffee in a café o go window shopping.

Prizes and discounts

In a gamified territory you can enjoy many free activities while interacting with your surroundings, winning points that you can later exchange in direct prizes, discounts in your local shops or NGO donations. All of this for free.

Get up, go outside and play

While playing Gamecities you will be collaborating with local and sustainable development, getting to know your territory and new destinations and learning about local history and culture and all of this is free and very easy. Also, you get to play fun and social outdoor activities where you can win lots of prizes.

Gamecities_preguntas y respuestas _ mobile-app_81_

Gamecities Experiences

We transform any territory into a great big playing board.

Gamecities experiences take place in certain areas around the city and you can interact with these places with your mobile. With our app, you will be able to follow the directions in every moment and find clues, uncover the mysteries, solve the puzzles…while you are interacting with your surroundings.

The experiences can also include augmented reality, interactive videos, undercover actors, interaction with other players or characters, games against the clock and many more varieties.

These are some of Gamecities adventures you can take part in:

 Búsqueda tesoro Gamecities

Treasure hunt

Follow the clues and find the treasure. Have you deciphered all the riddles? Discovered all the right directions? Have you crossed paths with any informers? And over all…Will you be the fastest one?

Esculturas_ Gamecities

Urban Gymkhanas

Gamecities gymkhanas include physical ability tests, quick thinking tests, searches, riddles and a lot of fun, and all of this playing in teams and adding points together.

Rutas guiadas_

Gamified Interactive guided tours

Discover the history, culture, gastronomy and many more curiosities in these guided gamified interactive tours. Keep an eye out for all the information and explanations along the way, as this will help you gain more points.

Escapa de la plaza Gamecities

City square escape

You find yourself in a city square from which you have to escape. Play against time and achieve the best escape route. Solve all of the enigmas and riddles and reveal the correct combinations you need to open all of the locks and escape. Pay attention because all the information you need is around you. Remember sometimes things are not quite what they seem.

escaparates Gamecities

Shop window game

Taking a walk around the city centre and looking at the shop windows gets a lot more interesting with this fun game. Have a lot of fun finding all the lost, out-of-place or mysterious items. Explore all the different shops we send you to and win lots of points you can swap for prizes.

Preguntas y respuestas Gamecities


Having a coffee with the family or a drink with your friends in a bar can be a perfect moment to win points.

Salva la ciudad Gamecities

Save the city

We have received a message from what seems to be a far, far away source “a bomb will explode the city in 35 minutes, if there are any voluntaries with nerves of steel and abilities, please participate in its deactivation”. Go quickly to deactivate the bomb, if you are capable of cutting wires in the correct sequences, introduce the right codes and press the right buttons… maybe with your help we will have a chance to save the city!

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